I have an unused Win7 in a VM, and decided to upgrade it to Win 10. I installed 178 updates (!), then got the media creation tool and did the business. It all appeared to go OK, but when it was complete, I found I couldn't get to the logon screen. I saw the blurry image with the date and time, but when I tried to get past it by up-dragging or double clicking, I got a momentary glimpse of my avatar and the spinning disc, then it reverted to the blurry image again. Nothing I tried would let me past that point. I let it sit for an hour or so, but that made no difference. When I closed down the VM, it went through s normal close down process.

My usual next step would be to try it again/reinstall etc and generally faff around. I'm posting here because I just had an email from a neighbour asking whether he should upgrade his PC from Win7 to Win10. I responded that he should have done it years ago.

I suspect he will ask me for help, so I need to be forearmed in case the same thing happens to him.

Ideas, anyone?