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    Default Re: New printer advice needed?

    Inkjets are a waste of money. Since our dot matrix we have only had lasers, I've got a A3 second hand inkjet for photo printing that's about it for my hobby.

    Some time ago, I was asked to help someone's printer. Inkjet, she also had a number of spare cartridges. B/c the printer was not used often some of the ink nozzles was blocked up ... even after a initialising a nozzle clean. I guess one could maybe try to use ammonia to clean it but ..... even if you manage to unclog it and fix it you still have to regularly use it.

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    Default Re: New printer advice needed?

    Brother laser - cheap as
    I worked for everything I have. Most successful people have done the same thing.
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    Cheap usually means high consumable costs.

    I still have an inkjet, so does my brother, no issues.

    My son does too, he gave the work laser back after it ran out of toner, and found it was going to cost a fortune...pitiful number of pages per toner too.

    He rarely uses it...and used it for me when we were up, it had sat for a issues with of cartridges or print head.
    Depends on what you buy......avoid cheap.

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    My previous HP inkjet 's ink just dried up -- even didn't print anything. Too costly to own, just for the few colour prints once in a while not worth it.

    I am very happy with my Brother laser bought recently.

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