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    Default Contact energy as a broadband provider - anyone used them?

    We have shifted and bought a new house. It has fibre to the door but not connected yet. Contact Energy has an attractive bundle if you source your electrucity, gas and broadband from them. A one stop shop feels good as well.

    Does anyone here have experience of using Contact Energy for broadband? Would you please share your rating of them as a provider?

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    Default Re: Contact energy as a broadband provider - anyone used them?

    Contact Energyís :

    The things that we looked at:
    How the switch went:3.9
    Customer Service:3.7
    Clear Billing:3.7
    Overall Satisfaction:3.8

    How did the switch go?
    Customer Service
    Clear Billing
    Overall Satisfaction

    Any comments?

    Contact is a terrible company. When I first signed up and called to get my power turned on the phone person just didnít put the request through and instead requested to cancel my broadband. Since the beginning I have a a ridiculous number of issues with their broadband service, it will randomly go down for days and always over the weekend so I canít get in touch to find out what is going on. I have requested they send someone out but they seem to ignore that. Donít bother emailing them they will never get back to you and you will be on hold on the phone for an hour or more. Absolutely terrible I do not recommend at all.

    Absolutely awful- the worst customer service ever. End up changing plans without informing customers so you'll be paying a lot more than you expect. App never works. Complaints team will avoid you when you try calling them. Just absolutely terrible service all round.

    It is actually rather expensive. For me, I'll be looking at around $30/mo more than what I am paying now for a comparable service.

    Look into Flick Electric (On their Fixie plan) along with 2degrees Broadband - if you have an on-account mobile with 2degrees you can save $10/mo. There is also a $200 credit offer with 2degrees currently.

    Bundled offers (Power + Broadband) work out quite expensive and what is worse is both utilities are contracted together.

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    Default Re: Contact energy as a broadband provider - anyone used them?

    Just from another prospective.
    Weve had power & gas with them for last 4 years & found then fine to deal with.
    Were going to include BB as well but forgot we are contracted to Vodafone until Oct of this year.
    Will change over to them then.

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    Default Re: Contact energy as a broadband provider - anyone used them?

    Thanks. That sounds pretty grim. We have had Contact as our electricity provider for many years and have had great service from them, and courteous and efficient telephone contact when signing up and terminating when shifting, so thought they would be worth trying. Maybe not when it comes to broadband...
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