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    Default Somebody help me out plzzzzzzzzzzzzzze.

    What possible use could these things be?

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    Full story HERE
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    Default Re: Somebody help me out plzzzzzzzzzzzzzze.

    Perhaps they got "subducted"
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    Default Re: Somebody help me out plzzzzzzzzzzzzzze.

    As I understand it, slow slip 'quakes' were only discovered through the use of highly accurate GPS measurements, compared over time (which indicated movement).

    While I don't understand how a pressure sensor at the ocean floor is supposed to achieve the same thing, it's worth recognising that slow slip is 'new science' and there's a lot more to learn still, and given the majority of the pacific rim of fire is underwater, then there's potentially a lot more to be learnt at sea than there is on dry land.

    The hope is that a better understanding of slow slip, it's prequel events and subsequent events might lead to a better understanding (and prediction) of major quakes... and that could potentially save countless lives, if the science ever gets down to a reliable and small window of predictng 'the big one'.

    While it probably won't... nothing ventured, nothing gained, so we might as well blow millions on the research. It has a better chance of paying off than a letter to Santa, yet folks do that anyway.

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    Default Re: Somebody help me out plzzzzzzzzzzzzzze.

    Oh dear.....perhaps they should have had some kind of tracker attached to them, and not just a float?

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