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    Default Slow computer. 100% disc usage

    Merry Xmas.
    SWMBO's machine periodically slows right down. Today it did it again after being ok for the last few weeks. Checked Task Manager(took ages to load) and found disc running at 98%
    Scrolled down and found the following

    Service Host Windows Push Notifications User Services 99a9c. Mem 80% 2177MB, Disc 97% 11.7MB

    This appears to be the problem, but might be wrong. Have seen this before when it has slowed down.
    Any help with this much appreciated.

    AMD A6-7310
    8 GB

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    Default Re: Slow computer. 100% disc usage

    My guess would be a lack of free HDD space for the swap file. It's recommended to keep 1.5x your total amount of RAM as free HDD space, so check to see if you've got 12GB of free HDD space, empty the recycle bin, ensure there's not other tasks taking up HDD time (eg scheduled virus scans).

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    Default Re: Slow computer. 100% disc usage

    Thanks Paul.
    Plenty of Disc space. Only using usinh 783 MB of 1TB. no virus scan running, Recycle bin empty.

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    Default Re: Slow computer. 100% disc usage

    What I've found sometimes its its updates causing the usage.

    Manually run the updates, there may be a upgrade to 1909 as well, if so run it, the upgrade is only small as its actually the "key" to unlock the already installed features from 1903. Generally the upgrade takes approx 5-15 minutes.

    Same as picture below but will say 1909

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Upgrade_message.png 
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    If not updates could be a corrupted Windows Push Notifications. BUT you would normally get an error message saying so, not high usage.

    If it is corrupted then rebuild it. Instructions
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    Default Re: Slow computer. 100% disc usage

    Thenks WT.
    Did the update and now fully up to date. Will have to wait and see as it only happens intermittently.

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    Default Re: Slow computer. 100% disc usage

    Excessive disk usage can be caused by programs using up all free memory and thrashing the page file... you may have too many programs running, or a buggy program with a memory leak
    Non-system disk or disk error. Replace and strike any key when ready.

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