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    Question 'Laptop' batteries.

    How should a Lithium Ion battery be treated for maximum longevity?

    My Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series has the charger plugged in all the time (1 year old). Is this good?
    My Granddaughter's HP 11 G3 Chromebook is used all day, and charged overnight. It has done this for 4 years, and the battery is still good.
    Is it better to use the battery, or leave it plugged in?

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    Default Re: 'Laptop' batteries.

    keep it between 20 and 80% charge and don't let it get hot.

    If it has a removable battery some people remove them when using it on power long term
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    Default Re: 'Laptop' batteries.

    Quote Originally Posted by mzee View Post
    How should a Lithium Ion battery be treated for maximum longevity?
    kept in the fridge (yes) . But dont put your laptop in there .
    not drained right down
    not stressed or overheated .
    not left in hot cars in the sun

    Its a crap shoot as to how long they are good for. Just use the thing.
    May be nothing you can realistically do to prolong life, except keeping it cool .
    Laptops have battery management circuits, so the hardware knows when to cut off the charge & when to forcibly shut down laptop to stop over-discharge .

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    Default Re: 'Laptop' batteries.

    Quote Originally Posted by dugimodo View Post
    keep it between 20 and 80% charge and don't let it get hot.

    If it has a removable battery some people remove them when using it on power long term
    This is pretty close to the advice Tesla owners are being given (no, I don't have one).
    Charge no higher than 80%, and discharge no lower than 20%. Allow the battery to enjoy the temperature range that we humans find comfortable.

    I attempted to do this with my seldom used laptop, but it's so easy to forget to unplug it when it's charging, and similarly, easy to forget when it's unused and discharging.

    I suppose one answer may be to plug the charger into a timer, so the charger gets cut off after 60-90 minutes... whatever time is needed to typically achieve a moderate charge.

    Note though, that Tesla batteries are a little different to regular Lithium cells, so treat this as a guide, not a fact.

    It seems one major issue is swelling of the anode which gets progressively worse the higher the charge level.

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    Default Re: 'Laptop' batteries.

    Not really an issue to be fair. Battery and AC Power charging technology has come a long way.

    The modern units we get now are designed to charge up to a certain point and then the charging of the battery stops and power delivery is directly to the laptop i.e. the laptop doesn't run off the battery when it has reached the prescribed charge level. This is why you will sometimes see "Plugged in (not charging)" when you hover your cursor over the battery icon in the taskbar.

    If you're having issues with your battery then there are four possibilities;

    1) The battery has been "damaged" due to
    2) An issue with the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) on the laptop itself which could have been damaged by
    3) A damaged AC adapter as a result of being fed
    4) Dirty power - inconsistent voltages/amperage through mains power (which is quite common) - fluctuating feeds if the overall circuit you're plugged into is under load or experiences spikes.

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    Default Re: 'Laptop' batteries.

    I wouldn't leave the battery in the laptop if you are always leaving the charger plugged in. My brother learnt the hard way about doing that as his laptop battery died after about a year doing that. His battery wouldn't power the laptop for even a second with the charger disconnected and I never found a way to restore the battery. At the time I had virtually no experience with laptops and didn't know you could kill a battery if you never allowed it to discharge at all. Mind you, this is going back quite a few years, it may not be the case now.
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    Default Re: 'Laptop' batteries.

    get some facts here

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    Default Re: 'Laptop' batteries.

    I think a lot of information has aged but there's one reason why you should not keep it on charge.

    The main reason is heat. Heat will eventually lower the life of the batteries and continuously on charge will heat the battery up. Using the device while charging will add to the heat.

    There are some built in safety devices that will prevent overheating, over charging, etc that it maybe safe but its really up to you.

    Genuine batteries are expensive, replacing the cells inside the battery packs is far cheaper. Once my devices reach a year old, they are no longer worth their value so I do not mind prolonging their use with these kinds of replacement.

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