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    Default Re: Any suggestions for another opperating system?

    Quote Originally Posted by wainuitech View Post
    As I mentioned I had a Linux server problem - didn't even bother asking here as even the dedicated server forums couldn't help, and these are people who claim to be Linux Server experts.
    Got a link?
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    Default Re: Any suggestions for another opperating system?

    Quote Originally Posted by fred_fish View Post
    Got a link?
    Sorry not now I don't, it was months ago, and the OS which was CentOS, installed on a HP ProLiant Server is long been wiped, it was selected because as its reported "based on the commercial OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux - updates until the end of June 2024"

    At some stage as far as the experts could see it did an update, shortly after that the LAN lost contact with it, it basically turned into a OS that was unusable, couldn't do anything at all with it, and when I asked for help, about the only thing that would kind of work was the Terminal, BUT enter any commands and you had to wait several minutes for it to do anything even a simple command to find out the actual version Where as before it was quite "snappy' in its responses.

    Everything I was told to try I did, in the end after a couple of weeks reinstall was the only option.

    I did reinstall, , checked all the hardware for failings, and it went fine again, BUT due to failing the first time and finding nothing that helped, wiped all the drives installed Server 2012 and its been running perfectly ever since.
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