A friends laptop with windows 7 on it has got in a state where it blue screens just after reaching the desktop every time. Stable enough in safe mode. Sorry I didn't get the stop code.
I tried SFC /Scannow, and Chkdsk /f, a full virus scan, going back to the earliest system restore point, none of it helped at all. I also note she's using MSE and it's complaining that the service is stopped and won't start even if you try.

My temporary fix which I hope will become permanent was to swap out the hard drive and install windows 10 and put her old drive in an enclosure so she can get files off it.
Proves you can still use windows 7 keys for windows 10 as well, but mainly I did it because I don't have a windows 7 disk handy. I note the Dell laptop has a recovery partition so maybe there's a way to start over using that ?

If she needs to get the windows 7 disk working again what else can I do? for now I said she'll need someone more skilled than me and gave it back to her with the fresh windows 10 running

It's an older machine but still worth using I think, i5 3 series, 8GB of RAM, 1TB hdd. If it was mine it'd have an SSD by now.