So i've got this old mobo that I'm pretty sure it died from overheating since it won't post once you connect the cpu 8pin, just for fun it took it out to inspect and clean it.... I had a surprise though trying to take off the chipset and VRM heat sinks since with no screws on they still were not budging, decided to brute force it apart and actually made it without damaging anything. The thing is the thermal paste was so dried up you won't believe, like actually solidified, like cement it was acting like glue holding everything together. As expected alcohol didn't do sh*t so it got me thinking,
-Is there anything i could try that will melt the thermal paste but not the copper or aluminum parts of both the heat sinks and the chipset's die.
-What is thermal paste actually made of and could there be a substance(not general use acid based) to react with it so it softens it up?
I would love to hear your thoughts on it, maybe i'll throw in a couple of pics as well you knows....