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    Default When life gives you lemons (or leaves)

    Yesterday afternoon I opened the back door to be greeted by the resident male blackbird looking for some extra food for himself and two youngsters when the storm suddenly arrived with a horrendous noise. The blackbird hopped inside and we stood there in the laundry watching the horizontal rain and hail the size of grapes do their damage. He waited until the worst of it had died down before flying to the other side of the garden to where the youngsters had been learning to forage for themselves earlier. The lawns, garden and paths are covered in thousands of leaves so there's much work to be done with the leaf rake, I'll either make leaf mould or toss them in the compost. Leaves from the potatoes and berries have fallen as a mulch at the bottom of the plants and other garden plants are a sad sight. The blackbird youngsters are fine, they must have stayed put under the trees and shrubs by the fence. The news has mostly been about the tornado it sounds more dramatic I guess, I haven't heard how much damage there has been for commercial growers.

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    Default Re: When life gives you lemons (or leaves)

    Ive had various birds fly into my kitchen to steal food from the cats bowl.
    Then chaos ensues as the birds cant find the way out and fly around panic pooping everywhere .

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    Default Re: When life gives you lemons (or leaves)

    Smart bird, wait till it's over...........

    we have a few here that regularly raid the compost bin. Not for the scraps, they fish out bugs and worms. One found a bit of pie and took the meat out of it. They're going back to a nest.

    The annoying bit is we have a patch of garden with herbs and flowers, and it's mulched, they pull the mulch out and dig, scattering it and dirt all over the path.
    Sigh....sweep, dig...sweep, dig.

    They dig some pretty big holes too.

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