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    Default NZ Herald

    NZ Herald has once again 'un-blocked' NZHerald bypass.

    Not going to pay to read their 'news'. they are copying from other sources, anyway.

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    Default Re: NZ Herald

    Don't bother with the Herald at all for a long time now, plenty of other sources for news.

    Guess they have to make money somehow (online).
    Update / Upgrades = Replace old bugs with new ones.

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    Default Re: NZ Herald

    Much of the online news has become garbage click bait anyway, with 90% of their content staying up and unchanged for a week at a time (rather than the daily large update you'd expect of a new org). I find the bigger issue is learning what to ignore.
    I dropped the Herald when they instigated their paywall, and haven't missed it a bit.

    Stuff is little better wrt copy/paste reporting, and whomever is doing the work seems to have little appreciation of grammar as well.

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    Default Re: NZ Herald

    Theres a free paper offer for the Herald. 5 weeks free , delivered

    I'm on my 3rd free trial , so far. :-)
    Not much in there worth reading though, takes longer to read a comic.

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    Default Re: NZ Herald

    Just checked today that NZHerald Bypass has fixed it after updating.

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    Default Re: NZ Herald

    What amuses me about Granny Herald is that they offer you access to what they call Premium Journalism (or something equally risible) on payment of a fee. However, their resident dog whistlers and National cheerleaders, Hosking, Hawkesby, Soper, Du Plessi-Allan, are all free - ergo even the Herald does not consider them to merit the term Premium Journalism!

    It must have been a terrible dilemma for the Herald owners - do we include our primary dog whistlers in Premium Journalism and thereby mute their National Party propaganda, or do we consider them to be non-Premium and keep them in the view of the non-paying hoi polloi! My heart bleeds for them.

    So officially then the main "journalists" for the Herald are not premium quality.

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    Default Re: NZ Herald

    Probably easier to find a Unicorn than a premium journalist!

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