Having messed around with this for some time with no luck, I'm hoping there's some expert on here who can help

I've been trying to login to my kiwibank account through Chrome (up-to-date) and they use 'keepsafe' questions which require you to enter letters using an onscreen keyboard. I've never had any issues before, but now clicking the onscreen keyboard doesn't work - the key appears to 'depress' but it doesn't fill the character in. I've tried all the usual (restarts, clearing cookies etc) with no luck. Even more odd, the problem exists on 2 different computers (using the same Chrome profile, but different networks). However if I use the Chrome 'guest' mode, it works fine!... so clearly something related to my Chrome user profile.

Java is enabled and there are no exclusions. It was working fine until around a week ago and, as far as I'm aware, I have not changed any settings in Chrome so keen to hear any suggestions (Kiwibank's call center were, as expected, not able to help)

Thanks in advance!