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    Default Strange startup behaviour

    When I do a Win10 cold boot, shortly after the desktop first appears a series of command prompt windows flash up and disappear. It all happens too quickly for me to see what is happening. There are three or four windows. Presumably they are executing some batch files.

    How do I find out what is going on? Will event viewer tell me anything? If so, where do I look among the large number of log categories? What about the registry? Once again, where would I look?
    It occurs to me as I write that I should try safe mode and see if it happens there too - I'll do that.

    In the meantime - any ideas?
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    Default Re: Strange startup behaviour

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    Default Re: Strange startup behaviour

    Note: you really need to know what you're looking for before you go disabling random startup things. I don't think you'll break anything catastrophically, but still not wise to disable everything and hope for the best

    A couple of places to look:
    Open Taskmanager - go to Startup tab. Take note of what is enabled/disabled and disable one thing at a time (in case of breakages).

    Open Task Scheduler - go to Task Scheduler Library. Again, take note of what is enabled/disabled in there and what the triggers are (Run on startup / Run on user logon). Disable one thing at a time and see if any change.

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    Default Re: Strange startup behaviour

    Had those a couple of times, and thinking about it, it was always after Office (or some other updates) had come in.

    Once it did it the first time they didn't appear again the next .
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