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    I have installed acrobat 5.0.1 using ar500enu.exe from Adobe, on my Win95 PC.
    When Acrobat starts the following message is displayed
    Acrord32 This program has performed and illegal op etc.
    Details. Acrord32 caused an invalid page fault in module DOCBOX.API at etc.
    DOCBOX.API is to be found in 2 folders
    C:\windows\temp\ptfe201~tmp etc C:\prog files\adob\acrobat
    How can I make acrobat run?

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    Hi Eric

    Sounds like the installation files are still in your temp folder as well as its destination folder. Thats where you've got the double up. Should be safe to delete all from the temp folder and then it should work alright.

    Warning: Could be wrong so wait for more opinions.


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    Uninstalling it, deleting everything in your TEMP folder, rebooting, and reinstalling should fix it.

    But unless you have something that needs the new stuff, just stick with version 4.

    The only new stuff is lots of Copy control stuff which makes it slower.

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