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    Default win10 , 2nd GHD issues

    I upgraded an i3 PC from Win7 to Win10.

    Win10 has issues with the 2nd 2Tb HD .
    Win10 sees it in disk manager , but cant see/read the partition .
    If I try & initialize the disk in disk manager , I get a "incorrect function" error
    The 2nd HD wasnt connected when the Win10 upgrade was done . It was an upgrade, not a clean install .

    The 2nd HD had no issues in win7 on that PC
    Ive tried diskpart / clean , that didnt help.
    I connected that disk onto another PC , that other Win7 PC had no issues with the drive

    Any ideas ? Its only a PC used for testing etc so not a big deal, I can re-image back to Win7
    Im just curious as to why Win10 has issues with this HD

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    Default Re: win10 , 2nd GHD issues

    Weird, in theory 7 doesn't know any tricks 10 doesn't.

    Occasionally for stubborn disk issues that windows won't fix I've resorted to booting off a linux install flash drive and using Gparted to blow everything away and start over. Mainly that's been for when the OS insists the disk is in the wrong format (GPT/ MBR etc) and won't change it though, I've not had your issue myself. I've used an Aomei boot disk successfully as well.
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    Default Re: win10 , 2nd GHD issues

    Has the 2TB drive got a drive letter ?

    If it hasn't it will be seen in disk manager but that's all ( apart from partitioning software) if no Drive letter, go into disk manager - Assign a letter to the drive.

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