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    Default Safe to buy from???

    I've just visited a site that sell computer parts and sets but they have no physical address.

    They seem to only exist on the net. I've read the terms and conditions and doesn't look good since they want you to pay before you've gotten anything from them, Whatever courier they choose it's the customer's responsibility if anything is damaged or lost.

    Has anyone tried them. They are pretty cheap and I'm assuming that's because they don't have to worry about many expenses.

    Or would I be safer just visiting a computer store who would charged at least $30 more than what nodes advertised. There prices all include GST.

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    Default Re: Safe to buy from???

    I cannot speak about nodes themselves. Check with who ever it is that does the consumer act about it being your responsibility if the courier company loses or damages the goods. The act does say that goods supplied must be fit for the purpose that they were purchased for. I would also check with your credit card company as to where you stand should you purchase and it arrives damaged or is lost....or simply not supplied. That is the one advantage of a credit card, you can dispute it with someone

    The street address assuming that is where they run there business from is
    Room 401, 8 Middleton Rd New Market Auckland NZ

    I note though that they appear to only want payment by cheq or direct debit.

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    Default Re: Safe to buy from???

    Had a look, geez get those terms and conditions. I wouldnt buy from them based on that. That courier clause is a beauty, basically saying we dont give a flying once it leaves the door.

    Na I would give them a miss, be interesting to hear from someone who has dealt with them though.

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    Default Re: Safe to buy from???

    Just had a look myself and found one address for posting cheques to. Apart from that there are only 2 cellphone Numbers and the Email addresses. I haven't got the latest pricelist for the outfit I deal with but they certainly appear cheap but I don't think I would want an argument with them. Very hard to win when you can't nail someone down.

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    Default Re: Safe to buy from???

    unfortunatly the courier clause is comman exspecialy if you are a buisness. i hate it when those truckies cut open the packs.....'o it was like that when we got it'

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    Default Re: Safe to buy from???

    well looking at their contact/payment details, it says to send a cheque made out to 'Samuel Yichien Chan' Why not make it out to nodes, i wouldnt touch them if you cant send cheques made out to the business name!!

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    Default Re: Safe to buy from???

    Remember the super cheap reconditioned laptops a year ago? I had MAJOR doubts, figured it sounded too good to be true but went ahead with it anyway. Why? Because they accepted credit cards. The bank got our money back.

    But I did get a reconditoned early Pentium for a few hundred dollars in Penrose. I believe they also had problems (legality of the software - but the first thing I did was reformat and use an old unused legal copy of Win 95 so mine is legal). On that one it also sounded risky so I ordered it by phone and picked it up and paid for it in person.

    Consumer mag and Min of Commerce have guides on what to look out for:

    If alarm bells go off - tread with care. Credit cards or personal visits advised!


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    Default Re: Safe to buy from???

    May not be the same, but, from the NZ Companies Search


    Incorporated 23-NOV-2001
    Current Status REGISTERED
    Companies Office File Location Auckland

    Registered Office
    6c/18 Wakefield Street
    New Zealand

    TOH, Alex Chin Hua


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    Default Re: Safe to buy from???

    I purchased a case and CD R/W last week, from Nodes. Very happy with my purchase and service received. I hope to use them again in the future.

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