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    Default Re: Printer recommendations


    Why not just take a photograph with your cell phone and then file the photos on your PC?

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    Default Re: Printer recommendations

    I've used Canon for years and wouldn't bother changing.

    THESE work great for my needs
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    Default Re: Printer recommendations

    A few years ago I got frustrated with my Epsom inkjet always being out of ink when I wanted to use it. I maybe print 1 or 2 pages in a typical month at most and the ink was just disappearing in between times.

    So I bought a brother multifunction mono laser with an ethernet connection. Cost something like $300 and is still on it's original toner and hasn't got through the half ream of paper I put in it. It's at least 3 years old, probably more. Wakes up and prints whnever I need it to. Point being for occasional use laser is king. And if the toner is too expensive or hard to find when I eventually need some, I'll just replace the whole printer.

    By comparison my inkjet is a colour photo printer I bought because it can print on printable disks (used to burn a lot, don't any more). It takes 6 cartridges (or 6 + 1 not sure now) that were up to $28 each when I stopped using it. I was buying cheap knock offs at about $10 most of the time but they did dry up even faster than the proper ones. And why the actual !@#$ do you need all the colour cartridges to have ink in them to print a black and white page?

    I do sometimes regret getting a multifunction, it's large and bulky and I rarely use the scanner, plus I have access to a better one at work. But every now and again it does come in handy.
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    Default Re: Printer recommendations

    you wont need a scanner untill a you get rid of it, then one day you'll have a urgent need for it .
    Modern cheap print/scan machines can be quite small .

    You could buy a cheap laser , and keep your old printer just for scanning , bring it out when you need to scan.

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    Default Re: Printer recommendations

    Recommend Brother - I would go a step up from the one you linked to though and get the MFC-L2713DW. Document feeder and cheaper per page to run.

    I disagree with the comments saying scanners are old school - I use mine more than I ever have and wouldn't own a printer now without an ADF.
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    Default Re: Printer recommendations

    I have a flat bed scanner but seldom use it now as Office Lens from MS on my android phone to scan documents works fantastically for most scan jobs.

    For printing we have a Brother HL-3150CDN networked colour laser would never go back to inkjet now
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    Default Re: Printer recommendations

    Quote Originally Posted by 1101 View Post
    you wont need a scanner untill a you get rid of it, then one day you'll have a urgent need for it .
    I never had multifunctions...for years and years.

    Then, just because it was the one with the best pages per cost, I did.
    And it has been handy. Making copies, not just scanning.

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    Default Re: Printer recommendations

    Here is something you would love to check out

    You may opt for any printer within your budget.

    But in my opinion, you should go for either HP or Brother.

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