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    Default Problems extracting a RAR file

    I have researched this A LOT. RAR files are ZIP files. From what I understand and have experienced is that Windows will not open them by default.
    My research (I love to say these words), has identified that "7 Zip" is the best avenue to open these (for free). So, I downloaded the program. For the first
    time in a long time, I created a restore point. I even had to check on how to do this in Windows 10! Went through the usual cautions and obstacles and
    nothing has blown up yet!!

    However, I am yet to be able to extract this RAR (Zip) file. Now, at 75 yrs of age, I have become somewhat patient, but there seems an over-caution and
    limited sharing on these things on the internet. Sure it is a continual evolving process, but why SO DIFFICULT!

    What do I do now, please??
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    Default Re: Problems extracting a RAR file

    I also use 7-zip and it's always worked fine for me (except in the rare cases where the file is corrupted, in which case and software would not work).
    If you go to the folder where the file is saved, and right-click on it, is there an option 7-Zip -> extract files? Usually that's all you need to do. Choose the location you want the files extracted (saved) to and you're done.
    If you don't see that menu option, it could be that when you installed 7-zip, you didn't select some of the options to add to the right-click menu. In that case, you could just open 7-zip and manually open the file.

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    Default Re: Problems extracting a RAR file

    7 zip has always worked for me too, but you could always try winRAR which has a free trial. It's their file format so if anything will work that should.

    I'm not totally sure that's the right place to get it if anyone could confirm, been ages since I used it myself and I recommend caution with unfamiliar sites.
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    Default Re: Problems extracting a RAR file

    in 18 years or so i don't think i've ever had winrar trail expire.
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    Default Re: Problems extracting a RAR file

    Peazip also opens just about anything, including Winrar Same thing really, right click the file - several options to extract
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    Default Re: Problems extracting a RAR file

    Quote Originally Posted by tweak'e View Post
    in 18 years or so i don't think i've ever had winrar trail expire.

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