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    Sorry, but for me this problem is real. I can't use most taskbar features when KB4515384 is installed and the computer immediately works smoothly again when this KB is uninstalled. Is there a chance that I can get rid of this KB for good and that it doesn't automatically instal itself again when the computer gets rebooted. Or should I pause all future Microsoft updates until the next big update and pray that my problem will be solved then. Can somebody please give me a hint.
    Many thanks for your help in advance.

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    Something you can "TRY" dont know if it will stop the update thats causing you problems, but got nothing to lose.

    First download the following: from #1. Its meant for Drivers but should detect KB's as well.

    You remove the update, when its going OK run that Program, it should detect it, select and block it. After that it shouldn't come through again.

    Just Tested-- It SHOULD see them: Neither of these two are Hardware drivers.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Block_Updates.png 
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    I do this quite often with AMD drivers, esp older Graphic that AMD wont support any more.

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    I've done all the steps you suggested and it did wonders - the questionable KB has not re-appeared (so far) and I have my computer back. Many thanks.

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    What the hell would we do without our Techies? PJ
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    Now I am older, I listen but cannot hear.

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    Especially, WT!!

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