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    Default Re: Toshiba Laptop and battery woes pt 2

    Its unlikely that a new batt was faulty. Yes that can happen, but its not that common .
    This is why I cross my fingers when buying new batts for old laptops , it may not be the batt thats faulty .

    You have a hardware fault . You'll need to send it somewhere to be tested and repaired. Power circuit repairs could cost you $200-$300+ .

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    Default Re: Toshiba Laptop and battery woes pt 2

    I wonder if it is the NEC/Tokin capacitor problem that some Toshiba laptops suffer from?

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    Default Re: Toshiba Laptop and battery woes pt 2

    A new battery won't do that,assuming it's not the battery,i guess there's something wrong with the inside of the laptop that needs to be taken apart.

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