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Thread: Club Laptop!

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    Smile Club Laptop!

    We have a club laptop running W10 that we use at our meetings. Presenters regularly bring their presentations on USB sticks which they run on our laptop.

    Here's the problem. Often speakers bring presentations created on an Apple computer. I'm told from past members that these don't always run on our laptop. (Sorry but I can't tell you specific file/documents because I've just taken over the position.)

    I am told we need the appropriate dongles that allow us to connect all computers. Anyone know anything about this?

    Suggestions welcome.

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    Default Re: Club Laptop!

    Connect all computers?

    What do you mean? The likely issue you are having is that the "Apple" users are creating their presentations in a different file format than Office which is likely iWork.

    There are 3 ways to potential solve I have listed them i order of ease/cost

    So there are a few options for you here;

    1) Get the MAC users to save their presentations as pptx files. This is the XML document format for Office which iWork supports. - No cost, except for the MAX users remembering to use "Save As" option.

    2) MAC users install Office 365 for MAC on their computers - this will incur a cost so may not go down well. - Minor cost if they do not have an O365 subscription already but if they do they can simply install O365 on the MAC.

    3) I assume your laptop connects to a TV or projector etc. so depending on the type of MAC in use, you will need to see if you can get the appropriate cable/adapter that will allow you to plug the MAC into the TC/projector. This could be tricky as MAC almost exclusively use Thunderbolt connections so unless your TV has a Thunderbolt connector this probably won't work.

    Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Club Laptop!

    connect all computers
    As Chiefnz posted -- that needs a bit more info ?? What exactly are you trying to achieve.

    Normally "Connecting computers" Means connecting either directly Via cables or through a Router (wireless or Ethernet) so you can share files /Folders.

    Theres a few things that need to be done to share, its not just simply plug in and it works.
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    Default Re: Club Laptop!

    Or is it that Macs don't have USB ports anymore so they are using some weird connection. Your laptop will be able to accept any standard USB device.

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    Default Re: Club Laptop!

    Advise the speakers well in advance that their presentation has to be compatible with your equipment.

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