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    XP to Windows10 is a bit of a challenge for me! I've just been given a smart looking HP computer( I know, looks are the only good thing. It has a few problems, the previous owner got a relation to "clean it up". Both are over seas for an extended time and out of contact.

    The problems are as follows 1. On start up it has "user" on the screen, it then starts W10 no password

    2. One Drive is asking for a password

    The previous owner was a complete novice at computing, so the present install may be a bit rough around edges. What I would like to do is replace the present install with a new one, and start from scratch. I have no documentation or passwords etc, and no idea how to do a reinstall. I am reasonably proficient at XP but have had nothing to do with W10 until now, so be gentle with me,
    (79 in October).
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    First I would backup the computer to an external HDD in case you will need it if things go pear shaped.

    You need to go via Google and get the "Microsoft Media Creation tool". Download the current 64bit version (it's 1903) "to be used on another device later" as an ISO. Then burn this to a DVD (I use ImgBurn).

    Using the DVD to boot from, you do a clean install, deleting all of the previous installation. At an early point in the installation you will be asked for the Product Code - don't answer this as the new install will then get the code from the motherboard where it has been previously saved from the earlier WIN10 installation. Carry on through until installed. When you get towards the end you will be asked to create a password - over to you but if you do not want to use a password, select "Local account" and no password will be created. That's it I think.

    As a last thought, the HP may very well have a restore file that will completely restore the Win10 the factory setting - I'm not sure of this and someone else might enlighten us.
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    A reset or reload or reinstall will also remove MS Office & any other programs . So make sure you can reload those before proceeding , if they are installed .

    Win10 has a reset tool.

    Reset is an easier safer option
    UEFI boot from DVD or USB to reload can be really frustrating on many new PC's , especially if used to XP :-)

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    "1. On start up it has "user" on the screen, it then starts W10 no password "
    thats normal , user name & passwoard can be changed

    "2. One Drive is asking for a password"
    Are you trying to access your onedrive a/c, or is it poping up for no good reason wanting a password

    You could allways just add another, clean user a/c for you : make sure you give it admin rights

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