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    Default Windows 10 Ver 1903 download and install time

    I started my wife's late-model HP laptop to download and install Win1 ver 1903 about 1:00pm today. The laptop had previously stalled doing the update at about 47% complete.

    This afternoon we went out at around 2:30pm, and the laptop download was then at about 40% download complete. When we arrived home about 5:00pm the laptop showed installation as 91% completed, and on checking a moment ago it has made no further progress.

    Can anyone comment on the acceptable time for this update and installation to be completed?

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    Default Re: Windows 10 Ver 1903 download and install time

    It varies a LOT, theres speed of internet, type of Connection (wireless or Ethernet) Wireless is always slower, how much the drive is full, spec's of the computer.

    Had customers upgrades take as little as 30 minutes - longest has been 7 hours.

    What ever you do DONT stop it you WILL corrupt your computer. Personally I always do them from either a Mounted ISO, DVD or USB & ALWAYS Ethernet, even if its a modern laptop without a Ethernet port, got a USB to Ethernet adapter for cases like that
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    Default Re: Windows 10 Ver 1903 download and install time

    It takes as long as it takes.
    Its a big download if you only have ADSL .

    Your laptop could be going into power save/sleep, wifi/network could be going into power save mode .

    once when setting up setup 2 new out of box laptops, 2 different brands , both setup at same time: One took about an hour(ish) to get updates, the other took over 4 hours!!

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