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    I sent an email with 3 attachments to my insurance company with details of a claim. I received an email saying "Email exceeded maximum size limit" from I have never seen or heard of this; the email was not large, I am sure that I have sent larger ones in the past. Is it genuine?

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    Mail does have a limit on how big attachments can be. You didn't say what email client you are using, but for example if it were Outlook 2013 or earlier the limit is 20MB. Gmail is 25MB You can also try zipping them, to reduce the size a little.

    I generally work on the theory of a max of 10MB, that way there wont be any problems. If attachments are scanned documents its easy to get them over 20MB / Attachment.

    Simple way to try, resend the mail multi times, and title as such, Eg: claim xxxxx 1 of 3, 2 of 3 etc.

    Without knowing what client is being used and the combined size of the attachments its impossible to give an accurate answer /Solution.
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    If they were photos , resize them (to a lower res and file size)

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    Chances are they have some mail filtering service running on their email servers. Among other features, it can block emails over a certain size.
    As wainuitech said, you may need to experiment to see what size email you can send. Alternately, try emailing/calling them to see what size is permitted.

    PS: Your attachment gets converted in your email client in order to embed it in the email so the size will increase when you attach it. A 20MB file will actually be closer to 25MB once converted as an attachment.

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