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    Default Hardware video decoding, 4:2:2 Hevc

    Does anyone have a new NON Nvidia card that supports 4k HEVC HDR with 4:2:2 chroma decoding in hardware? i can't locate this specific info on all the writeups about the new radeon cards.

    Preferably someone with a Radeon 5700 or newer card can test it for me.

    I can upload the .ts file somewhere if someone want to try it.

    Nvidia cards can only manage 4k HEVC HDR with 4:2:0 before it offloads it to the CPU ..
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    Default Re: Hardware video decoding, 4:2:2 Hevc

    Are you talking about the new RX5700 or the older HD5700 series?
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    Default Re: Hardware video decoding, 4:2:2 Hevc

    The latest ones

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