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    I received advertisements everyday about VPN (Virtual Private Network) with all its benefits.

    Is it true that by using VPN it will protect our privacy online?


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    Quote Originally Posted by rimutaka View Post

    Is it true that by using VPN it will protect our privacy online?

    Unless you have a specific need for a VPN .
    Even then , VPN's arnt 100% private . The system/server that runs the VPN then has access to your secret private stuff.

    You need to be quite specific as to what you are trying to keep private. And who you are trying to keep it private from.
    example : hosted email isnt 100% private (usually) . A VPN wont help at all keep emails 100% private.
    It wont help when you login to facebook, gmail, open Chrome , do a google search.
    It wont help (much) if you have an Android phone.

    What has happened in the past....
    Authorites roll up to the people providing this sort of service and say : give us all your info and all your data and your customer base info or go to jail.

    VPN's do have security uses . Average person doesnt need one.
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    To a certain degree, BUT ( theres always but) Nothing is guaranteed, if you wanted to use a VPN use a paid one, look at reviews, look to see what is found. Some of the Free ones will sell your data to the highest bidder, or as soon as the authorities turn up hand it over, the majority of free ones are often SLOW. Some are better than others. Just did a speed test - normal 825Mbps, fired up a VPN dropped to 494Mbps.

    If you wanted to use a VPN to watch places like the USA netflix, the free and a lot of the paid ones wont cut it, Netflix blocks them. There are a few that try to keep ahead of Netflix, so its a never ending "game" Netflix blocks, the VPN provider changes its software - Netflix works - next thing its blocked again -- Repeat - repeat.

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    Default Re: Virtual Private Network

    Thank you for information provided.

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