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    Default Packaging a video for a non-tech person

    i am assembling a bunch of photos for my elderly (94) uncle in the UK. He is absolutely tech non-savvy, so I need to make access as easy as possible.I want include a video that currently sits on a separate DVD. The DVD contains a folder named Video-TS and inside that are the actual video files.

    How can I package this up so that folder is one of several on a DVD (the others will have photos) and all he has to do is double click something to make it go? One thing I have tried is to create a short cut at the top level that points to the .VOB file. That seems to work, but I wondered (a) if that is the best way and (b) if anyone can point me to some good free menuing software that means I can make everything just a single click away.

    All suggestions welcome.
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    Default Re: Packaging a video for a non-tech person

    Create A DVD with menus and link what ever to the buttons as required.

    There's several programs, used all of these at one stage or another, some may need to convert a DVD (vob Style) to MP4.

    programs: DVD Styler ( sometimes a bit fussy)

    DVD Flick Very good, old style to use, LOTS of options, suggest downloading the Manual to figure it out.

    There are PLENTY more, BUT often they are only trials or leave a watermark even though they say Free.
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    Default Re: Packaging a video for a non-tech person

    DVD flick used to work brilliantly, haven't used it for several years though

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