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    Default How to remove Win COA sticker

    I replaced a broken computer case , put all the parts into another case

    Whats the best way to get the Win lic/COA sticker off the old PC case ?

    I have used a hot air gun & a sharp knife blade in the past, but that was really hit & miss .
    Any better ideas ?

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    Default Re: How to remove Win COA sticker

    I always just used to peel them, slowly and carefully. never used anything other than fingernails.

    My own, I never put them on the case, I'd leave them on the CD case.

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    Default Re: How to remove Win COA sticker

    Same way as you have done hot air gun & a sharp knife (snap off blade type), just need to heat the COA on a lower heat, so it melts the glue, depends also on the COA, some were made from a more plastic type material, where as newer ones were more papery, still doable, just need to take your time and make sure there's a very sharp blade in the knife.

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    Default Re: How to remove Win COA sticker

    Yep heat gun and very patient/gentle. I always try to heat from the back if it's possible to do that where the COA is located. You can always tape over it on the new case too with some decent clear tape if it's not sticking very well.
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    Default Re: How to remove Win COA sticker

    Take a photo, rip it off
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    Default Re: How to remove Win COA sticker

    Hair dryer for about 30 seconds and a razor blade.

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    Default Re: How to remove Win COA sticker

    In the past I have used a product called Un-Du:

    Don't know if you can get in NZ easy anymore, Dick-Smith used to sell it. I've never tried it on a Windows COA sticker, but it worked great on other things. Just make sure you soak the whole label right through with the stuff - it evaporates quickly!

    Or just do what I've done, and use the same case for the last 15 years
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