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    Unhappy Audio dialogue drowned by audio music

    Hi all,
    Having major issues with the sound on my Win10 PC.

    Recently updated the O/S when prompted by system to the latest (1309) as mine was from June 2018, also updated my video card drivers for the AMD Radeon R9 200/HD7900 series.

    The problem is that any audio with a music track, i.e movies, youtube videos etc has the dialogue completely overwhelmed by the music. The dialogue can not be heard understandably even with all volumes up full.

    NE1 able to help please?

    Win10home Win10(64bit) i7 3.40Ghz RAM 16.0 GB

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    Default Re: Audio dialogue drowned by audio music

    The Good news is that this has now resolved.

    I used Speccy and Belarc to diagnose my Audio, then went to my Motherboard manufacturer (Gigabyte) then searched for and downloaded the zip file of drivers for VIA HD audio which is what my machine usese (not Realtek as it did when I had Nvidia)
    Anyhow. left the zipped file in my downloads folder overnight and magically the next day the audio works wonderfully well again. Clearly nothing to do with what I did.
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