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    Default Re: $500 phone suggestion?

    Quote Originally Posted by piroska View Post
    That's a bugger.

    I'll stick with my cheaper Lenovo thanks ( they make good laptops so tried the Phone)

    Works fine, had it since November last year hasn't missed a beat. Only thing it doesn't do is pick up 5GHz wireless (other models might), but that's no big deal, never use that anyway, 2.4 is more than enough. Gets everything else, I use it as a phone, its not my whole damn life on it
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    Default Re: $500 phone suggestion?

    I too went back to Samsung. The J6 Plus, which now seem "standard" after 6 months of ownership. Because Samsung are relatively quick, and have the ability, to up-spec their mid - upper mid phones to varying degrees. Now the A series seem to replace their J series. So perhaps need to be aware of near instant upgrades.
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    Default Re: $500 phone suggestion?

    I've had a Moto G5S plus for a while now, happy as. There is a G7 version now. aka Lenovo

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