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    Default Listening to music on my computer

    There is a lot of good music on the internet but playing it on those tinny little speakers on the computer just does not do it justice, but I found a good answer to that poor quality. I have Chromecast on my TV and have the sound of my TV hooked up to my amplifiers. I use the Chromecast to send the music from my computer to the TV and listen to the end result on my stereo. There is just no comparison between the computer or TV speakers and the stereo as you will no doubt be aware. The added bonus is seeing the performers on a decent sized screen.

    If, the same as me, you have crappy speakers on your computer and TV, playing the music through your stereo is the way to go. TVs these days have Chromecast built in, but if you have an old TV the same as me, then you can buy a Chromecast gadget that plugs into the HDMI slot in your TV. It certainly is the way to go. I highly recommend it.
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    Default Re: Listening to music on my computer

    I just use a pair of logitech Z333 2.1 PC speakers and they sound really good for $100 speakers. I have better options I can use, including a decent stereo and a chromecast, but if I'm sitting at the PC I want good sound where I am. Also my PC is not in the same room as the TV.

    I used to use a pair of bookshelf speakers and a small amp on the PC, but it just took up too much space. The logitech speakers are a great compromise. Not quite as good in sound but surprisingly close considering the much smaller size.

    But then I also have multiple PCs, including one that is permanently connected directly to my stereo and TV
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    Default Re: Listening to music on my computer

    I use a external amp & some Mission speakers .
    Sounds really good, so I hardly ever use my Hifi system any more.

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    Default Re: Listening to music on my computer

    At the moment its just my laptop speakers but normally its my Hifi amp and Mission m75 floor speakers as the sound is amazing, although cruddy mp3 doesn't sound so great which is why I ripped all my Cd's to .flac

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    Default Re: Listening to music on my computer

    I love listening to music using my headset to somehow eliminate the barking sound that my dog creates before he sleeps on his dog bed. There are also some instances that I want it loud.

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    Default Re: Listening to music on my computer

    Or get some good PC speakers. had my Logitechs with giant sub and speakers for years now.

    Chromecast is good if you have a set of speakers off the TV but TV speakers aren't so good.

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    Default Re: Listening to music on my computer

    I transmit from laptop or PC p to one of my collection of Bluetooth earbuds neck band or ear clip drop style, or small to floor size bluetooth speakers. Threw out out many of my (Panasonic) HiFi speakers, as too many HiFi speakers are being dumped at Cash Converters.
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    Default Re: Listening to music on my computer

    I have the Logitech Z506 speakers which connect to either my PC or my laptop as needed in my room, or a large Bluetooth speaker downstairs in one of the bars. Both have awesome sound where I just have the speakers on about 30% for a good sound without being too loud. Both have a better sound output than any TV around here, with the added bonus of not having to have another screen on

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    Default Re: Listening to music on my computer

    My 42" Panasonic HD TV has become my entertainment unit of choice, with Chromecast and my smartphone as a remote. Essentially, although the TV is about 4 years old, I effectively have a smart TV aided with Chromecast and my smartphone as a remote. I watch live or OnDemand channels and anything on the internet I want ... YouTube music, Netflix etc. I can cast any material from my laptop as well (although the occasional connection needs to be by HDMI cable).

    Sound? The TV is OK, but I have a Toshiba 2.1 Soundbar installed to render much better sound with a satisfying bass through its sub woofer, and generally have the TV's speakers turned off. I'm not an audiophile so this to me is great.

    I've got a 16GB memory stick in one of the TV's USB ports that allegedly gives me 4K TV, but that's a debatable internet recommended "upgrade" that claims by giving the TV increased memory, it enables the TV to use its basic design definition. Note I use the word "allegedly" as I'm not sure it's a valid "upgrade". (What I can say is that, watching say an OnDemand Mrs Browns Boys episode, the rendition enables me to read newspaper print or see individual fly away hair on Mrs B's wig ... How much of that is attributable the TV's HD spec or the "upgrade" is anyone's guess

    Price for all this? Budget. TV $300 on Trade-Me, not a scratch on it when I bought it (and still sans-scratches), Chromecast a gift (but about $59), Toshiba Soundbar $140, the memory stick I just happened to have one anyway.

    Who needs to pay $2,000+ ? JIGJAM

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