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    Default He just makes too much sense!

    Global Warming is Mann made.
    The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.

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    Default Re: He just makes too much sense!

    Yes this bit:

    Some people bicycle to Nature, but most people have the odd habit of getting there by driving cars, which are sourced from all natural products - mostly metals and some plastics, which are obtained from some factories built of natural concrete, and vehicles powered by gasoline which is derived from naturally-occurring oil.

    Some power their cars with natural electricity, which is obtained from mining the planet to oblivion to extract lithium and other battery ingredients, then cram the batteries with electricity which is a by-product of water and gravity; but in some cases, burning a sh!t-ton of coal as well. And then they chuck away the used batteries in a festering pile in some quiet corner of Nature, hoping no-one in the future will disapprove, and kidding themselves they are helping the planet more than the people using naughty gasoline.

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    Default Re: He just makes too much sense!

    Almost everything comes from China now.

    Made in factories run on electricity from Burning Coal, and made in factories that dont care about what they do with waste .
    But , lets pretend its not like that, just look the other way :-)

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