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    Default MS Edge Browser

    I have been using the MS Edge browser for a couple of months now and generally find it fast and reliable. Add Block etc work just fine.
    Like a lot of things what browser you use and stick with tends to be whatever you have become used to but Edge is, IMO, worth a look now it has matured somewhat and they have sorted out its early bugs.

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    Thks CliveM those two MS b's have been sitting down there on the taskbar and we might just try one or tother. But we were impressed with FF, it was always quick and neat.


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    Default Re: MS Edge Browser

    Ha ha, just reading about edge a couple of minutes ago

    More features to come

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    Default Re: MS Edge Browser

    Been using the New Version that Lawrence linked since it came out. The only problems I had with it is once or twice it seemed to hang for a few seconds - Then discovered it had upgraded to a newer/ latest version. It is still in Dev Channel, but its very stable and quicker than others.

    And they finally got the spell check sorted

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