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    Default Excel: copying sheet formats from workbook to workbook

    I have an Excel workbook for generating GST information for those of my clients who don't use Xero online accounting. One of the worksheets in the workbook is a facsimile of the standard GST101 form, which is populated from the worksheets preceding it. The workbook replicates the layout, boxes, fonts etc of the original form, including the overall buff background. (Yes I know, it sounds like overkill, but it does help some clients recognise just where to enter their information in the actual form to be filed)

    When I copy this workbook to use for another GST period in Excel versions before 2010, all the formatting would stay unchanged in the new file. However, if I copy the worksheet to a new file or a different workbook in Excel 2010, the buff background format changes to a violent purple shade. Can anyone suggest how I can stop this unwanted change happening, or how to fix it?

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    Default Re: Excel: copying sheet formats from workbook to workbook

    I use Office 2016 however think it is similar to 2010.
    Open both the source workbook and the destination workbook (or just source workbook if creating a new workbook)
    Right Click the spreadsheet tab of the source workbook to be copied
    If "Move or Copy" is grayed out then you will need to Unprotect the Workbook and/or Spreadsheet. This is found under the "Review" tab in the menu. Also confirm the destination Workbook is unprotected.
    Click the "Move or Copy" as above.
    Select the "To book" and then select the destination workbook (or new as required)
    Click "Copy to Create" checkbox
    Then Click OK
    Hopefully this will work for you

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