Not sure if I posted about this before but it is a ongoing issue with my computer.

It hates to reboot, I don't know why but it takes sometimes multiple tries to reboot and start up again sometimes for over an hour.
Often I have to remove my keyboard/mouse and plug in a generic $20 set to get the machine to reboot and I am fed up with this.

The reason I am enduring this today is because the computer crashed on me. just died even Task Manager would not work, when it restarted and this time it restarted fine, my D:/ was missing, there was no indication of a problem with the drive, all the connectors are fine so I figured a reboot would probably sort it out. Now because I can't reboot I do not know if there is a problem with my D:/ or not but losing D:/ would be worse than losing C:/ for me.

All of the My folders are there, as well as all of my gaming data, the actual game installs are elsewhere but without the data they are blank, no character saves, no game saves, no mod files all on D. The worse part is my backup is also physically on D as a partition of it.

I am happy to listen to any advice anyone has but I think it might be best to have someone look at it, to that end I am looking for a on-site tech or company in Christchurch that can come to me to sort this out. Any recommendations or referrals, please feel free to refer yourself if you are a tech.