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    Default A puzzle for the Experts!

    About every 3rd Saturday around 3pm my computer screen starts to flash on/off. Not long enough to reposition the cursor to either log out or change the page.I'm usually not viewing a site but rather just on my homepage(Google) or Explorer.Any thoughts?Could this be the small flattish battery that powers the clock(?runnnig out)although there hasn't been any "beep" notifications.I have also changed monitors and same thing is happens.This is the 4th time this has happened.I turn the computer off and the next day its fine again until...3 weeks time!

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    If its exactly the same time, in weeks and actual time of day sounds like something is on a Schedule.

    Open Task Schduler and have a look to see is anything is set for that time. Scroll down to the Active Task Window ( Near the bottom, expand them out to view details)

    Have aread of the following article
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    Hi All. I have a similar experience. I am in a RestHome.Every third Thursday of the month the power shuts off and the emergency generator kicks in & has to run for an hour. Mains power is off, emergency lighting on. One hour, mains power back on. A few minutes later WiFi is back on.

    Sounds as is somsthing similar is happening to you with a switching action taking pladce, giving you a momentary 'brown out'. If the lights are on or the TV you may notice a flicker on light TV. . Only Guessing. PJ
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