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    Default Port forwarding Spark's HG659b modem

    Hi all,
    We've just had fibre installed and, of course, from Spark, comes their router. I can't figure out how to do port forwarding on it (it seems unneccessarily complicated). I previously under Chilling Silence's help set up a Draytek modem and a TP Link WNR941ND router, which worked superbly. The TP link I installed new software on, called Gargoyle, and for port forwarding it was brilliant. It wasn't easy to get it all going but with Chill's help, it all worked (I believe he's not around on this forum anymore?).
    Anyway I guess this post is for help, please. Would the Tp link be able to work with the HG659b, or am I better off just getting a new modem/router, that would suit my purposes better? Anyone got any thoughts or experience on what might suit?

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    Default Re: Port forwarding Spark's HG659b modem

    Dont know if the HG659 From Vodafone has the same layout, but its not that hard to setup.

    From the main interface , internet /Forwarding - Port Mapping - New port Mapping -- Then from the drop down boxes select what you want.
    If the device you want to map to isn't showing you can add a device, Application.

    What are you trying to achieve ?

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    I do have a TP-Link Router(AC1750 - Archer C7) as well that works on Vodafone FibreX-Max, but theres no real noticable difference in performance between the two.
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    Default Re: Port forwarding Spark's HG659b modem

    Thanks wainuitech, I'll give that a go later.
    I have a server running Proxmox, which contains virtual servers. One of them is a webserver and I can show galleries to selected recipients. I use "Juicebox" and also on another webserver I've installed "Ghostblog". Sometimes people ask me why, but I've put quite a lot of time into setting the Proxmox machine up (which is also a very good backup server - samba).

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    Default Re: Port forwarding Spark's HG659b modem

    In the end I didn't need to buy a new router - the Spark one is fine...but I could not get port forwarding to work! In the end I set it up in bridge mode and now run my network on the faithful Gargoyle router which Chill helped me set up. It was a mission, but I got there and didn't need to buy anything extra (thank goodness).

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    Default Re: Port forwarding Spark's HG659b modem

    Some ISP supplied routers have all sorts of issues with DMZ & port forwarding. Its been that way for years .
    Some ports will forward , others ports wont forward properly (not even if using DMZ )
    If think the ISP's custom firmware often somehow cripples it .

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