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    Yeah, it p*sses me off.
    The anti vaxers rely on those who do vaccinate, to keep these diseases under control.

    how about widespread outbreaks Polio, smallpox, measles etc instead of vaccinating. A much better choice than vaccinating.

    "There was a pandemic of rubella between 1962 and 1965, starting in Europe and spreading to the United States.[46] In the years 1964–65, the United States had an estimated 12.5 million rubella cases. This led to 11,000 miscarriages or therapeutic abortions and 20,000 cases of congenital rubella syndrome. Of these, 2,100 died as neonates, 12,000 were deaf, 3,580 were blind, and 1,800 were mentally retarded. In New York alone, CRS affected 1% of all births"

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    Death occurs in about 1 per 60,000 cases.

    While I am not anti-vax, I do think there is a bit of a go to the other extreme lately.
    Fuss over measles, chicken pox and other minor stuff.

    I have never had chicken pox or mumps. As far as I know I haven't had a vaccination for it? Only the usual ones you get as kids...
    Chicken pox can mean you then can get shingles later.
    SIL had shingles, I didn't catch it. Guess not, it's from the virus being dormant in you.

    I have had measles more than once. Last time was when I was at tech. I didn't even notice until the spots arrived. Went to doc and was surprised, she said yes you can get it more than once.

    Spots were mostly torso, not much elsewhere. I had been a wee bit tired but then had been studying late too..
    And the drama over measles at the moment, why?

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    Medicine is a means of transferring money from sick people to a few who depend on on ill health in others to get a healthy income.
    Entropy is not what
    it used to be.

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    Quote Originally Posted by piroska View Post
    And the drama over measles at the moment, why?
    Measles complications
    Measles can be life threatening: about 1 in 10 people with measles will need hospital treatment.

    Measles can also lead to other complications, including:

    ear infections (which can cause permanent hearing loss)
    swelling of the brain – this is rare, but can cause permanent brain damage or death.
    Up to 30% of people with measles will develop complications – usually children under 5 and adults over the age of 20.

    Measles during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage, premature labour and low birth-weight babies.


    It is very infectious. A person can infect 90% of people who are not immune within 2 metres of themselves.

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    Measles also wipes your previous immunities to other diseases which you gained in the past.
    It's not the least charm of a theory that it is refutable. The hundred-times-refuted theory of "free will" owes its persistence to this charm alone; some one is always appearing who feels himself strong enough to refute it - Friedrich Nietzsche

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