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    Default WhatsApp for Windows

    Today I was "forced ' to install WhatsApp on my phone because 2 critical members of the household (I rank below the cat) have removed Viber and gone to WhatsApp for better connectivity between Sweden and NZ.

    Phone is OK now (although screen tabs seem very rudimentary).
    I also went to install WhatsApp for Windows V 0.3.2386 on my Win 10 64 bit Build 1809 laptop. so that like Viber I had it on both Phone and PC.

    I ran installation but then it came up with a message to Sync with phone
    This requires going to Settings on the phone and scanning the QR code that appears on the PC screen.

    My phone camera had a bad screen scratch some years ago so is basically useless for photos taking.
    Accordingly even though I hold the phone over the QR code and get an OK tick nothing further happens.

    Does anyone know a workaround to get past my phone problem, so I can complete installation of WhatsApp for Windows on my laptop?


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    Default Re: WhatsApp for Windows

    Sorry no, but I do use whats app as it is encrypted unlike Viber which I also use from time to time.

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