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    Default Origin of the name gumboots

    We recently had a holiday up north and one of the many places we visited was Gumdiggers' Park near Awanui on SH10. It was very interesting learning about the gumdiggers and how they made a living.

    All the gumdiggers had very substantial boots. In the UK they used to be called Wellington boots but the gumdiggers called them gumboots and that's how they received their name.

    A bit of useless information, but interesting, I thought.
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    Default Re: Origin of the name gumboots

    They are still called wellingtons in the UK or wellies for short

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    Default Re: Origin of the name gumboots

    I always believed gumboots referred to the fact they were made from gum rubber (natural rubber) the gum of the rubber tree. I always call mine Redbands anyway.

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    Default Re: Origin of the name gumboots

    I prefer my granddaughter's name for them.... Gumbaloots.


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