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    Default Desktop power supply stopped working.

    I have a desktop pc and I think the power supply is on the blink. I keep getting problems when turning on it won't boot I have tried another power cable and its been OK for a couple of weeks.
    Just unplugged everything and tried on its own with nothing plugged in just with another monitor and it worked yesterday but today nothing.
    Its a ATX 12V product number TM-350-PMSR is there any way to check it, and is it easy enough to change? Or will another 2nd hand one do the job.
    The PC is Intel Core i5-3570 CPU @ 3.40GHz 3.80GHz Installed memory 8.0 GB 64 bit.

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    Default Re: Desktop power supply stopped working.

    Those power Supplies are a budget basic PSU.

    If you want to change it, its ranges from So simple they fall out to -- Simple just a few seconds more. Some name brand PC's like HP may have a second internal catch holding it in place OR As HP do, make them none standard size.

    All you do is unplug the connections from the motherboard / Drives, there are two that will have tiny clips on, the Main Plug along with the CPU plug, squeeze the clips lift out, the others either SATA or Molex if used simply pull straight out. Remove the 4 screws from the rear of the case that hold the PSU in, when taking out the last one hold the PSU from inside so it doesn't drop down, then depending on how tight a fit slide it out, making sure there are no cables caught on anything or hit any other components.

    To replace, do in reverse, The plugs will only go in one way so just look how they are arranged. with a hand full of wire ties tie up the excess cables neatly ( makes better air flow).

    Wouldn't risk second hand, you may be buying someones rubbish. Even a basic PSU is cheap enough these days The ones I use is the Silverstone range, the cheapest I use is Silverstone ET450-B Essential 450W. (saying that I use Silverstone on everything)

    BUT looking at other shops only a select few have them, ( I get them from my supplier) Heres some:

    The Power Supply is one thing you don't want to skimp on. Worst case is the PSU blows and can fry every thing in the Computer, and for a split second it puts 240V into 12 /5 Volt Components (seen it happen)
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    Default Re: Desktop power supply stopped working.


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    Default Re: Desktop power supply stopped working.

    Given the intermittent nature of the fault it may pay to take a close look at the Capacitors on the Motherboard. If any are bulging or leaking replacing the Power Supply would be a futile exercise.
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    Default Re: Desktop power supply stopped working.

    See the TM350-PMSR is prone to bulging or Bad Caps

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    Default Re: Desktop power supply stopped working.

    Quote Originally Posted by wainuitech View Post
    .....OR As HP do, make them none standard size.
    or as HP do, give the PSU & mb non standard connectors ,even in business class tower PC's . So you cant even test with a 'normal' power supply . Thats a dirty Dell trick

    I'll never buy another HP PC because of that , there was zero reasons for it.

    But anyway, the TM350-PMSR looks like a cheap & nasty power supply.
    Best test is to replace it, you'll either need to buy or borrow another power supply, or take it to a PC repair shop.
    The first test is replacing the Power supply
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    Default Re: Desktop power supply stopped working.

    Quote Originally Posted by piroska View Post
    We have an Antec powered computer used for recording TV and other stuff never switched off in 8 years, still going strong.

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