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    Default Anyone with a QNAP NAS? Malware warning

    I probably should have posted this from home, but I'll add some links later if anyone needs them.

    Just a heads up if you have a QNAP NAS there is some malware going around which blocks updates and prevents the malware remover from being installed.
    I found a fix posted on Reddit which involved using an SSH client to login to the NAS and running a script.

    I think the easiest way to tell if you have it is to try and update the antivirus or firmware and see if it fails to connect. As soon as I removed it a couple of my apps updated and a new firmware version showed up. No Idea how it got on the system to begin with. Another way is to try and install the malware removal tool or update it if already installed. It doesn't even show up in the app center for many users if infected, the SSH script installs it as a final step.

    I also had hundreds of failed login attempts from an IP address in Turkey so I blocked that IP and turned on a few security features to autoblock after 5 failed attempts.
    I guess I've been pretty lax with security on my NAS, there's nothing terribly sensitive on it and I set it up for convenience more than security.
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    Default Re: Anyone with a QNAP NAS? Malware warning

    Generally, I guess this is what happens when marketing comes before engineering

    Just dont open up you NAS, Cameras, IOT etc to the internet without damn good reason. At least put it behind a VPN
    Just marketing: Cloud this, easy access that :-)

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