Hey everyone, so i've trying to troubleshoot my GPU which kind of behaves wierdly..
I have a Geforce Gtx 470 (i know it's outdated AF and i could buy i better one for no cost but i want to find what'swrong with this one) The base Clock is 608Mhz and Mem 1674Mhz with 1V and i have overclocked it to 805 Clock, 1850 Mem and 1.087(max) Volts. I've been tracking it down for long time now both for 2d and 3d software or games and the temps are fine at 80c max with 75% fan speed.
I 've ran benchmarks(valey, heaven, kombastor) for hours and made sure it's stable across all three which it is. The magic happens when at random times and without any relation to load or usage or temps the Gpu underclocks to 405 Clock, 325 Mem(Minimum specs) and get's stuck not allowing OC software to take over(Msi afterburner for example). Now i know that this is some kind of safe mode something tricks to go there and i've done a couple of digging around on the net. Just to clarify i have the power settings on perfomance so the nvidia panel doesn't mess things up and i have tried clean installation of the drives. I refer here for this because simply i cannot get a hold of what is causing this to be so inconsistent there are times that happens 1 hour after the restart or 2 days later or during a yt video with nothing else loaded.
So yea if anyone has a clue of what could be messing me up i would gladly take a hint, thank you all in advance.