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    Default Re: How do they get away with making so much noise?

    If you ever heard the noise of 2500+ (that’s not a typo) Motorbikes then you’ve heard noise.

    Queensland used to have a “Ride for Daniel” a little boy who was abducted and murdered on the Sunshine Coast. Bikies came from far and wide all paying $20 I think to take part in the ride and most of them rode Harley’s.

    The ride ended at the old Ettamogah Pub where I was quenching my thirst and I knew nothing about this until they started turning up.

    You can read more about it HERE
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    Default Re: How do they get away with making so much noise?

    No different than boy racers illegally lowering their cars , dropping them down as far as they will go. They put the springs back in just to get a warrant .
    I do see them pulled over for that .
    I never see gang members motorcycles pulled over for anything though, they are often the loudest things on the road.

    petrol heads like loud machines.
    When speedway racers at Ak Western Springs were told they will have to lower noise levels , those racers got really upset, making excuses & some saying they'd rather give up racing.

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    Default Re: How do they get away with making so much noise?

    Having a few beers outside in my neighbors carport, a few trail bikes roaring by up and down our road. Then one of the riders came up to me - Takes his helmet off, wondering who it was - oh Hi Uncle. Blinking nephew - came to show off his new trail bike to me. Well go ride it somewhere else. He says there is no-where local. Unlike 30 or so yeas ago - when I use to blast around on acres of undeveloped land - around East Tamaki, Highland Park, and Botany area. I do like like that roar sometimes...takes me back...
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    Default Re: How do they get away with making so much noise?

    Boy racers campaigned for their own track up in Nelson, its being built at Kohatu now, but they won't use it as there will be rules.

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