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    Talking "My Oh My" by Mike Zabrin.....Good Stuff!

    Recorded at Studio 2424 by John & Danny Christy
    Filmed & Edited by Yissilmissil Productions
    Special thanks to Zach Huber & Lazerrick Robinson Mike Zabrin: Bass
    Amber Ronae: Vocals
    Alfonzo Jones: Drums
    Doug Ferdinand: Keys
    Brian Quinlan: Guitar
    Ron Jacoby: Trombone
    Jim Schram: Tenor Sax
    Aaron Washington: Trumpet

    Follow us on facebook:

    Yissilmissil Productions
    Published on Jan 30, 2019

    May your screen door of life not swing in the winds of bad choices

    I have no idea what that means - I just think it sounds erudite, that's all.

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    Default Re: "My Oh My" by Mike Zabrin.....Good Stuff!

    Cool Joe. Nice to hear a saxophone and trumpet in a modern day band.


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