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    Default Re: Ebike recommendations?

    Quote Originally Posted by dugimodo View Post
    Paid $2700 for the Bike 2 years ago, current replacement cost $2200, insurance valued it at $1750 - $400 excess = $1350. .
    Hmm, not AMI then.
    I insured ours, although they said I didn't need to specify it. But I insisted. They insured it for exactly the value I paid and there was no depreciation. They said.
    It came under contents and so excess was/is $250.

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    Default Re: Ebike recommendations?

    AMI used to be great they changed after the Canterbury quakes and are now as bad as State who own them. We changed to FMG and they are fantastic, by far the best company we have ever dealt with for accepting claims and just generally being very helpful.

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    Default Re: Ebike recommendations?

    Hmmm, they might suck for Ch/ch people but they remain great for my mum and us and recently friend.
    She had an accident with carpet and coloured drink, and AMI replaced the whole house carpet - they said they couldn't match it was why.

    FMG, many people I did work for in SOuthland got very pissed off with them, they were worse than Tower on what they wouldn't pay out for...(not farm related).

    EG earthquake in Fiordland, several had issues and electronics died due to power line problems. FMG were the only ones who wouldn't pay - others with other insurance got theirs OK.

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    Default Re: Ebike recommendations?

    Tower is the Insurance company that welshed on their responsibility to make a full replacement payout which is what Mum and Dad had paid for for more than 40 years.

    Never get insurance with Tower.
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    Default Re: Ebike recommendations?

    Mine is Westpac, they were good to me when I was burgled a few times years ago, but not so great this time.
    I think they treat things like bikes differently than household appliances.
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