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    hanks for help. i have given it away, & speech ecognition. Ijust cant figure out the instructions. Gone back to a slower method. I write/print with black pen on lined papr. plug USB into printer & scan page.Plug USB into compter & "Semd to Mail" as an attachment. Address & "Send". Thats it. A bit laboious but it works.
    The Epson printer will not scan directly to computer Email. The Techhie has tried it to do that but no success. PJ
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    Am I reading your request correctly in that you want to scan script handwriting and convert it to a text file?

    IIRC --> I used something called "OCR Bridge" a long, long, long time ago.

    It worked, but the learning curve for you to teach it how you write and what a squiggle means, was long, arduous and laborious.

    Once trained though, it worked well enough to get at least 85% of the letters and words correct. I gave up on it ever getting to 92% and maybe if I still ran it today, it might be better. But I have no real idea since I got over the urge to save things that WERE and now AREN'T..... if you get my drift.

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