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    SWMBO and I are tennis tragics. We both played in our long departed youth and love January for the ASB Classic and the Grand Slam in Melbourne. Of course we have our favourites we love watching and there is always a player who is a bit of a giggle.

    The giggle this year is Serena William's who comes onto the court in what looks like a a black raincoat coat for the warmup. When ready to play, off comes the black coat to reveal a green tight fitting shorts and top outfit complete with fishnet stockings.

    Quite a performance, but SWMBO and I have been expecting her to the call out...." my arrrs doesn't look big in this" and the large crowd replying in the classic Music hall English way...." oh yes it does"

    Just thought to share this with you. She is on court now

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    Yes....the Williams sisters are Jehovahs too, like Surferjoe.
    Naughty of her....

    Husband commented on her er...largeness the other day.....

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