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    Default Re: I have been banned from the Dell computer forum.

    Microsoft don't do that, the manufacturer has embedded a windows key into the BIOS and added a message to suggest you use UEFI with windows in some hardware.
    This is not under Microsofts control and does not prevent you from installing a different OS. They set guidelines for the manufacturers to follow and that's as far as their control goes.

    When you buy an android phone do you complain that google is preventing you from installing IOS or windows phone on it?, or the same in reverse with an iPhone?
    It's like blaming google because samsung don't make their phones unlocked and free from bloatware.

    Microsoft are guilty of plenty of dodgy things you could blame them for, but not everything is on them. This thread for example is about a Dell machine not a MS one and Dell are responsible for the BIOS and driver support not MS.
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    Default Re: I have been banned from the Dell computer forum.

    joined the Dell forum and told my story, also accused them of conspiring with Microsoft. I am now banned from the Dell forum permanently.
    Gee what could possibly go wrong, Join then start abusing the forum owners and they react - no surprise there. More than likely broke some forum rules.

    The Forum owners can boot whom ever they see fit. Bit like a few Facebook pages, either abide by the rules or tut-ta, your gone. One page I administrator rules broken by-by, no warnings.

    W7 is all but dead, as its been mentioned, many new computers the hardware no longer supports older OS's, even if drivers from older models go in, they may not work.

    All versions of Linux may not be supported but they do offer Linux on some models.

    Mind you Dell don't offer the beginners mint, only Ubuntu or Red Hat Enterprise.
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