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Thread: Samsung phones

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    Wink Samsung phones

    I have a Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime & I've tried to delete Facebook, in the past, to no avail.
    The above is interesting, but gives no indication if it is possible to delete it, or not.
    Anyone have any ideas, on this?

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    Default Re: Samsung phones

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    Just checked my S8, no sign of facebook on it. Must depend where you buy it from.
    Disabling is good enough really though. The article said he didn't understand what that meant, is disable not a fairly obvious meaning?
    If you are wondering it removes any updates and disables the app from launching.

    This is not a new thing, many manufacturers have been adding permananet apps for years. You can't delete the core android apps even if you don't use them either.

    I don't like the facebook app, or the way it lies to you to try and make you install their messenger app. The mobile web page is all you need, the app adds nothing. And for messages all you have to do is enable the desktop view and read them in the browser despite the message telling you otherwise. IMHO anyway.
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    forcing FB on your phone..
    well I'll never buy another Samsung then

    You have to wonder, just who owns the ph, when manufacturers make some 3rd party apps unremovable

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    The same here on S7, bought from HK store. Should root the phone to delete stock apps

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